Terrazzo Tile Suppliers in Mumbai, Pune, and Goa

Terrazzo is the robust option to not only make your floors look amazing but strengthen them as well. It is the perfect medium which makes your floor water resilient and resistant and saves it from dirt and stains as well. It is a long-lasting product which can withstand the wear and tear of time. Terrazzo is gaining popularity because of this unmatched combination of looks and durability and architects are also recommending it to their patrons. A nice coat of polish and re-finishing can even make an old Terrazzo flooring as good as a new one. These attributes make it low maintenance and affordable flooring option. We are committed to develop new plans and mix the basic types of tiles used in posh areas, aristocratic class regions, and in selected inns by each of the internal organizers and drafters.

Terrazzo is not only a good option for its durability but it has some other amazing qualities as well. It is one of the most environment friendly options which you can use for flooring. It can be made using recycled materials thus other scarce alternatives. The epoxy used in the Terrazzo has low VOC content which reduced the emission of harmful gases in the atmosphere and improves the air quality. Architects and Designers benefit by getting some additional LEEDS points besides providing a strong and beautiful flooring option. Our team is actively operating as Terrazzo Tile suppliers in Mumbai, Pune, and Goa to reduce this gap.

Terrazzo can revolutionize the whole world of architecture as it is easily accessible, made of recycled products and can be procured locally as well.

Terrazzo can be used in both indoor as well as outdoor surroundings. (Note: Epoxy Terrazzo is perfect for indoor flooring while for outdoor settings cement Terrazzo is preferred) Terrazzo can be used smartly for places like lobby, cafeteria, hallways, stairways, lifts, and any other high traffic area such as assembly areas, etc. Terrazzo‘s water and stain repellant quality make it a perfect choice for countertops, baths, showers, swimming pools, etc. When you choose Terrazzo you are not choosing a material, you are choosing a lifestyle and as a perfect muse, it is the choice of every architect now. We at ‘TheStoneCasa’ are the Terrazzo Tile Suppliers in Mumbai, Pune, and Goa, thus promises to provide the different array of tiles that works in your favour until lifespan.

At ‘TheStoneCasa’, we spend a lot of time finding specialized resources pre-skilled in advanced technology, having powerful analytics skills, and creative mindsets. This encourages us to maintain consistency in our customers by ensuring high delivery.

Multiple Application

We strive to improve and create new designs and come up with a classic collection of the tiles that are used in royal places, exclusive hotels and personal mansions by the interior designers and architects. We, being the Terrazzo Tile Suppliers in Mumbai, Pune, Goa make sure you get an exciting range of tiles that serve you for a lifetime.

Handmade Cement Tiles Suppliers in Mumbai, Pune, and Goa

We are the Handmade Cement Tiles suppliers in Mumbai, Pune, and Goa. Probably the best thing about using high-quality concrete tiles is to redefine the look of your space and feel the position of just a little use to get a big impact. With the best, most in-depth customization, you can choose to use it with value for your money.

Silk tiles are 100% handmade manufactured using traditional methods.

It is available in both MATT and POLISH.

The standard size of tiles is 8” x 8”/10”x10” in matt and 10”x10”/12” x 12” in polish

You can choose your cement tiles from a selection of more than 100 patterns and 60 standard colours.

Furthermore, we can also manufacture cement tiles for you based on your own designs and can reproduce traditional cement tiles for you.

Cement tiles – Production

A template of the desired pattern is set in precision the frame on a smoothly polished, even metal surface.

The colour mixtures made up of marble powder, white cement and colour pigments are filled into the individual compartments in the metal form according to the desired distribution in the pattern. The template is then removed. A dry mixture of sand and cement is then applied onto the colour coat to absorb the moisture. Afterwards, a further layer of sand and cement is applied to give the cement tile its underside.

The cement tile is then solidified in a hydraulic press and is taken out of the form and dried for a day. Following this, the tile is soaked in a water bath for a day, and then subsequently dried for approx. 25 days.

Cement tiles – Delivery times

We require a period of about six to eight weeks in order to manufacture and deliver your cement tiles. In the event of large quantity orders, we would ask you to please enquire about our estimated delivery times.

A treasure for floors in all types of rooms

Regardless of whether you are dealing with modern new buildings or with villas, public buildings, restaurants or offices, thanks to the wide range of design possibilities cement tiles offer, they can be used in all frost-free interior spaces. These days, anyone can take advantage of the magnitude of the importance of this item. In case you want to decorate your home or business with high quality, handmade materials, then Handmade Cement Tiles Suppliers in Mumbai, Pune, and Goa are what you are looking for! Select your favourite tile and colour from our product lines and combine your “floor treasure” with a matching edging tile and/or a single-coloured cement tile.

Heritage Mosaic Cement Tiles

The Stone Casa is a Heritage Tiles Manufacturer in Mumbai, Pune, Goa that offers the quality range of tiles ensuring the blooming floors which give the regal appearance. The tiles have a rich appearance with a combination of beautiful colours that suit your distinct taste and are of the finest quality. Our cement tiles are used in creating beautiful floors that appear aesthetic to the eyes of the beholder.

Our Hand-Made Patterns

The Cement Mosaic Flooring Tiles in Mumbai, Pune, Goa are the best for the decorating various Indian interiors are appealing. They have a wide range of application at different places depending on the designs, patterns, decor and surroundings that complement them. The designs and patterns are often created with the human hands by handmade cement tiles Suppliers in Mumbai Pune Goa to give them authentic and traditional appeal.