Cement Tiles-Silk Tiles

It is availble in both MATT and POLISH

The standard size of tiles is 8” x 8”/10”x10” in matt and 10”x10”/12” x 12” in polish

You can choose your cement tiles from a selection of more than 100 patterns und 60 standard colours. Furthermore, we can also manufacture cement tiles for you based on your own designs and can reproduce traditional cement tiles for you.

Silk Tiles Are 100% Handmade Manufactured Using Traditional Method

We are the Handmade Cement Tiles suppliers in Mumbai, Pune, and Goa. Probably the best thing about using high-quality concrete tiles is to redefine the look of your space and feel the position of just a little use to get a big impact. With the best, most in-depth customization, you can choose to use it with value for your money.

Cement Tiles (Silk Tiles )- Production

A template of the desired pattern is set in a precision frame on a smoothly polished, even metal surface. The colour mixtures made up of marble powder, white cement and colour pigments are filled into the individual compartments in the metal form according to the desired distribution in the pattern. The template is then removed. A dry mixture of sand and cement is then applied onto the colour coat to absorb the moisture. Afterwards, a further layer of sand and cement is applied to give the cement tile its underside. The cement tile is then solidified in a hydraulic press and is taken out of the form and dried for a day. Following this, the tile is soaked in a water bath for a day, and then subsequently dried for approx. 25 days.

Naturally Available Materials

Cement Tiles

Synchronizing with Nature

Silk Tiles

Cement Tiles (Silk Tiles)- Delivery Time

We require a period of about six to eight weeks in order to manufacture and deliver your cement tiles. In the event of large quantity orders, we would ask you to please enquire about our estimated delivery times.

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