STONELAM  Laminam  Supplier

The Stone Casa is a leading supplier and distributor of the famous “ STONELAM Laminam” porcelain tiles in India. We are one of the premier dealers of STONELAM Laminam speciality tiles in Mumbai and have supply facilities to all over India.

STONELAM Laminam has revolutionized the concept of exquisite surfaces. It is an Italian Porcelain slab. It has become every interior designer’s dream due to its amazing qualities like strength and highly resistant to scratches and abrasion. Another advantage is that it is available in large sizes and minimal thickness. This makes it ideal for creating amazing floorings, creative bench tops, counter tops, Indoor and Outdoor furniture, splash backs etc. It is a perfect combination of aesthetics and large sizes provides an artistic liberty to architects and designers.

STONELAM Laminam is a surface with aesthetic features and exceptional performance in all areas of building applications like construction, furniture and interior design. Laminam can be used as an ideal external covering, can be applied on ventilated facade systems and in the redevelopment of buildings. It is easy to clean, resistant to frost, fire, mould and mildew, UV rays and have energy saving qualities.

Owing to the perfect flatness of the slabs and easy handling, STONELAM Laminam is a material with unique and creative architectural qualities for interiors and design. STONELAM Laminam can be used for covering walls and floors in residential and public places, as a customised horizontal surface for worktops for kitchen and bathroom cabinets, counters in public places, outdoor tables, and as a vertical surface for doors and partition walls.

The Stone Casa is one of the largest suppliers of STONELAM Laminam slabs in Mumbai and all over India through their excusive tiles outlet
“The Stone Casa”.

Find “STONELAM Laminam” tiles of your choice and requirement at our showrooms. We are the largest stockist of Laminam tiles with choice of the entire range and also dependable quality and delivery commitment.

Features of Stonelam Laminam

Our slabs dimensions match the height of an average Indian room perfectly, compare to the 2.4 meters offered by other brands.

Our slabs are resistant to UV rays, high temperatures, frost and do not allow the formation of mould, bacteria and fungi. They have a low water absorption rate and are specially suited for hot and humid climates.

We are the only providers of a comprehensive 25-year colour warranty in the industry.

Its hard surface makes it resistant to scratches and abrasion. The properties remain unchanged even after intensive use and frequents cleaning.

We’ve combined large size with reduced thickness to give you more space in your home, particularly around stars and in washrooms.

Our slabs contain no organic materials, which means they are resistant to fire and high temperatures. Even when exposed to fire, they do not release smoke or toxic substances.

We are the first in the world to structurally reinforce our surface slabs with double coated Fibermesh. This allows for superior bonding and sturdier application.

Our slabs are cut at perfect 90-degree angles, removing the need for additional cutting which reduces unnecessary wastage and leads to lower costs.

You can clean our slabs using mild disinfectants and detergents without affecting its surface characteristics.