Terrazzo Tile Suppliers in Mumbai, Pune, Goa

Terrazzo is the robust option to not only make your floors look amazing but strengthen them as well. It is the perfect medium which makes your floor water resilient and resistant and saves it from dirt and stains as well. It is a long lasting product which can withstand the wear and tear of time. Terrazzo is gaining popularity because of this unmatched combination of looks and durability and architects are also recommending it to their patrons. A nice coat of polish and re-finishing can even make an old Terrazzo flooring as good as a new one. These attributes make it a low maintenance and affordable flooring option. We are committed to develop new plans and mix the basic types of tiles used in posh areas, aristocratic class regions, and in selected inns by each of the internal organizers and drafters.

Terrazzo is not only a good option for its durability but it has some other amazing qualities as well. It is one of the most environment friendly options which you can use for flooring. It can be made using recycled materials thus other scarce alternatives. The epoxy used in the Terrazzo has low VOC content which reduced the emission of harmful gases in the atmosphere and improves the air quality. Architects and Designers benefit by getting some additional LEEDS points besides providing a strong and beautiful flooring option. Our team is actively operating as Terrazzo Tile suppliers in Mumbai, Pune, and Goa to reduce this gap.

Terrazzo can revolutionize the whole world of architecture as it is easily accessible, made of recycled products and can be procured locally as well.

 Terrazzo can be used in both indoor as well as outdoor surroundings. (Note: Epoxy Terrazzo is perfect for indoor flooring while for outdoor settings cement Terrazzo is preferred) Terrazzo can be used smartly for places like lobby, cafeteria, hallways, stairways, lifts, and any other high traffic area such as assembly areas, etc. Terrazzo‘s water and stain repellant quality makes it a perfect choice for counter tops, baths, showers, swimming pools, etc. When you choose Terrazzo you are not choosing a material, you are choosing a lifestyle and like a perfect muse it is the choice of every architect now. We at ‘TheStoneCasa’ are the Terrazzo Tile Suppliers in Mumbai, Pune, and Goa, thus promising to provide the different array of tiles that works in your favor until lifespan.

At ‘TheStoneCasa’, we spend a lot of time finding specialized resources pre-skilled in advanced technology, having powerful analytics skills, and creative mindsets. This encourages us to maintain consistency in our customers by ensuring high delivery.

Terrazzo Tiles are manufacture from White Cement & Pieces of Colour stones.

Opons for Pieces of Colour Stones are :

  • Natural colour stones
  • Cung of Granite
  • Mother of Pearl

Tiles Size : 300 x 300 x 16 mm (+/- 1% Tolerance) 1200 x 600 x 21 mm (+/- 0.5% Tolerance)